Start-up Document Generator Tool

This resource equips entrepreneurs with timely reference materials needed to navigate their unique journeys and propels them towards success.

Incorporation Kit

This resource allows startups to review standard incorporation documents. After answering a few questions on a web-based questionnaire, startups can create basic incorporation and founder documents using the included document generator. Please note, this document generator is geared towards the incorporation of a Delaware Corporation.

Initial Stockholder Consent

Technology Assignment Agreement

Indemnification Agreement

Initial Stockholder Consent

Technology Assignment Agreement

Delaware – 83(b) Filing Instructions and Cover Letter

Delaware – Action of Incorporator

Delaware – Board Consent (EIP Adoption)

Delaware – Bylaws and Certificate of Adoption

Delaware – Certificate of Incorporation

Delaware – Common Stock Purchase Agreement (no vesting)

Delaware – Common Stock Repurchase Letter

Delaware – Indemnification Agreement (Founders, D&O)

Delaware – Indemnification Agreement (Investor Director)

Delaware – Initial Board Consent

Delaware – Initial Stockholder Consent (Indemnification)

Delaware – Notice of Stock Issuance

Delaware – Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement (vesting)

Delaware – Stockholder Consent (EIP Adoption)



Exempt Employment Offer Letter (CA, TX)

Exempt Employment Offer Letter (FL, UT)