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Healthy F&B Series: A Primer for Emerging Companies

Healthy F&B Series: A Primer for Emerging Companies

Welcome to the start of Foley’s latest series, which explores emerging companies’ legal and business challenges in the vibrant healthy food & beverage (F&B) industry. Our aim is not to transform you into a legal expert but rather to equip you with essential knowledge, enabling you to identify potential risks early and take proactive measures. This series will delve into several key areas, including intellectual property, contracting, regulatory compliance, mergers & acquisitions, and venture financing.

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Foley Ignite provides insights and networking opportunities to assist emerging companies as they navigate developing their business

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When and How to Incorporate

Foley partner Louis Lehot discusses designing corporate entities to shield you personally from liability and put that liability in a corporate box.


The Foley Ignite team is comprised of practical and knowledgeable lawyers who work with entrepreneurs in a variety of industries and phases within the business lifecycle.

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