Louis Lehot

Louis Lehot

In my everyday life as a lawyer, I advise entrepreneurs and their management teams, investors, and financial advisors at all stages of growth, from garage to global. From my very first interactions, I draw upon my more than twenty years of experience to help clients see around corners, overcome obstacles, and achieve outcomes. I especially enjoy helping clients achieve hyper-growth, cross borders, go global, go public, and achieve smart exits.

I like to work with emerging companies because startups are the lifeblood of the Global Silicon Valley. Startups and emerging growth companies are the currency of the economy here. Whether you are a founder, investor or advisor, emerging growth companies are the measure of our success. From creating a new way of transacting business, transmitting, storing, or analyzing data, developing a molecule to regenerate health, or harnessing energy from the atmosphere from a renewable source, emerging growth companies are the vehicles by which we advance technology, life sciences, and clean energy.

In what I do, there is no greater need for tailored legal services than at formation of your startup, when you are first getting started and set up. This is also the time when founders have the least amount of capital to spend.

This website was designed to make sure we do everything in our power to meet the awesome demand of new founders and investors to set themselves up for success, accelerate scaling, achieve growth, and get to exit. We have created dozens of video-blogs, podcasts, and articles to help founders and investors at the earliest stages achieve a common denominator of information about legal matters.

The other time that emerging growth companies need help is when they are raising capital or navigating the exit. Having advised literally hundreds of teams financing, scaling, and exiting a business, we know how to push on every leverage point to improve the outcome.

Advising startup and investor clients is a virtuous cycle, whether in the tech, health care, or clean energy spaces. A startup practice would only be half the fun without an investor practice. We work with leading venture capital firms at all stages of growth, from those focusing on seed-stage, to early stage, to growth stage, to late stage, in both technology and healthcare. We are particularly well known for working with large corporations to set up, innovate, and invest in startups through corporate venturing units. We also work with large corporations to acquire emerging growth companies or form joint ventures to co-develop technology. We work with clients from the ideation stage in the garage, all the way to large global companies, and everything in between. We are invested in all stages of growth. If you want to know about the clients I work with, the best place to start is to ask them.

I chose to practice at Foley because of its people-focused values system, which stimulates my team members and me to constantly strive to achieve the best version of ourselves. Foley has built a global legal platform housing all the resources my clients require, with over 1100 attorneys in 24 offices, each of whom share my goal of providing insightful and practical advice. What sets them apart is their willingness to go the extra mile to help their colleagues and clients. We also practice giving back to our communities.

Living in the heart of the Silicon Valley, I am passionate about technology, life sciences, clean energy, and the ecosystems that supports them. I write prolifically about the intersection of law, business and technology, and the choices that society is confronted with in creating a better tomorrow.

I am known for being very hands-on, and spend a lot of time in the office, even in these times. When I get away, I am probably traveling to visit my family, friends, and clients in other parts of the world and preaching the virtues of the global Silicon Valley, where clusters of innovation can also flourish and become great places to live and work. I am father of two grown children and proud husband, I marvel at the achievements of my family. My wife Tita and daughter Ella are amateur equestrians, and my son Adam is an aspiring pilot. I have to move fast just to keep up with them.


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