Julie Lutfi

Julie Lutfi

I focus my practice on advising entrepreneurs and their management teams, investors and financial advisors at all stages of growth, from the pre-formation stage to their global expansion.  Special focus on life science companies.

There is never a dull moment with emerging growth companies!  It is incredibly interesting and professionally fulfilling to watch an idea turn into a successful business.  Accompanying early stage companies also allows you to develop a close relationship with the management team, which in turn allows you to feel more personally involved and invested in the work at hand.

The management and culture at Foley are incredible; we get all the perks of a “biglaw” firm without getting all (or most of) the downsides.  Foley enables its associates to be independent and entrepreneurial, yet still supported in all of their endeavors.

I am passionate about my job, generally. It is impossible to practice law unless you love what you are doing.  I chose corporate law because, assuming all goes well, there are usually happy/winning parties on both sides.

I give 100% of the time I am not working to my children (Michel, 6, Sophia, 4, and Savannah, who was born in April 2022).  I usually spoil them rotten until I get in trouble for doing so—but they love it, and that’s what matters!  I also spend a lot of time walking on my Peloton treadmill (that is my “walking desk”) and enjoy getting my steps in while getting work done; it helps me to feel accomplished at the end of the day.


  • Massachusetts
  • New York