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Foley & Lardner LLP partners Louis Lehot and Eric Chow authored the MedTech Intelligence article, “Reshaping of the Biotech M&A Landscape,” exploring the core dynamics of the health care and life sciences sector and how the coming expiry of patents for many of the blockbuster drugs that dominate treatment for widespread diseases will pave the way for fierce competition from generic and biosimilar alternatives.

Lehot and Chow discuss the convergence of factors that is set to propel the biotech industry into a new era of M&A activity, including the coming patent cliff, scientific breakthroughs and innovation, changing market dynamics, and the watchful venture capitalists seeking opportunities for financial growth and industry disruption.

“Despite the uncertainties that linger, the industry-wide emphasis on cultivating strategic pipelines through external innovation—often facilitated by corporate venture investments—sets the stage for a resurgence in M&A activities,” Lehot and Chow conclude.

Author Louis Lehot

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