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With the Health Care & Life Sciences sector under pressure to improve patient outcomes while controlling costs, artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly becoming indispensable tools. These technologies show promise for supporting decision-making, enhancing the delivery of care, and personalizing medicine, while also revolutionizing medical research by giving scientists access to unprecedented amounts of data that could lead to novel treatments or cures for diseases.

Welcome to AI in Health Care: Powering Patient Outcomes. In this eBook, our contributors examine this intersection through lenses including its impact on merger activity, antitrust enforcement, patent prosecution, and more. Whether you are a legal professional, an AI enthusiast, or participant in the sector, this eBook aims to share the knowledge and insights needed to thrive in the AI frontier.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Health AI Frontier: New Opportunities for Innovation Across the Health Care Sector
  2. AI in Health Care: Regulatory Landscape & Risk Mitigation
  3. Collusion & Competition: What Antitrust Means for AI in Health Care
  4. Biden Executive Order on AI Oversight, Development, and Use: Implications for the Health Care Industry
  5. FDA’s Guidance Proposes Flexible Use of AI in Medical Devices
  6. The Role of AI in Health Care M&A: Driving Value in a Difficult Market
  7. Key Contractual Considerations for Health AI and Hospital Collaboration
  8. Building Biotech with Brains: Strategies for Maximizing Value of AI-Driven Biotechnology Inventions
  9. IP Toolbox Is Crucial In AI-Powered Drug Discovery
  10. Sequencing the Impact: How AI is Boosting Genomic Medicine
  11. Safeguarding AI Innovation in Stem Cell Therapy

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